Eurovision Song Contest

EUROVISION NEWS: Eurovision Week 2020 – What’s On?

Eurovision 2020

Today should have been the Opening Ceremony of Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam with all the artists walking down the blue carpet. Things are different this year.

Although I’ve not been in full on Eurovision mode over the last couple of months I have been getting my fix thanks to the all the awesome websites, YouTube channels working so hard to keep us going. So, I’d like to say a few thank you’s

Thank you to ‘Eurovision Again’ for keeping me entertained of a Saturday evening as they stream full versions of previous concerts.

Thanks to Eurovision Home Concerts and all the artists, past and present for performing from their homes. One of my favourite live shows was from Surie. Her voice is made for singing songs in this style and why the UK never gave her that option is beyond me.

Thanks to all the websites (far too many to mention) and everyone across all social media for all you have done. This has made it easier to cope with, especially now as all my Facebook memories are starting to remind of the awesome times from previous years…

Finally, as we are about to enter Eurovision week there is so many more things to look forward to and the best place to keep track of everything happening in all countries is over at Eurovision World.

Enjoy the music…


Have a great Eurovision week everyone! Open Up but Stay Safe!

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