The Locomotion

COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘The Locomotion’

The song. “The Locomotion”, was originally recorded by Little Eva in 1962

“It’s easier than learning you ABC”, so claims the dance crazy, chugga motion classic “The Locomotion”, which was written by Gerry Goffin (1939-2014) and Carole King (b.1942, who is also an unconfirmed backing singer on the song) and recorded by ‘Little’ Eva Boyd (1943-2003) in 1962. The song was her debut single and was issued in June 1962, and with “a little bit of rhythm and a lot of soul”, flew to the top of the charts the world over. Except in the UK, where it stopped at No.2!

There have been other versions of the song, but by far the best known and biggest came from Kylie Minogue, who released it in her native Australia in June 1987, where it topped the chart for seven weeks, becoming not only the biggest seller of the year, but also the biggest selling single of the 1980’s ‘down under’! It was also her first hit in America, where it reached No.3, but, annoyingly, once again, it only went as far as No.2 in the UK in July 1988. It has sold a few million copies, so there is some comfort for Kylie!

But who does “The Locomotion” the best? LITTLE EVA in 1962 or KYLIE MINOGUE in 1987/88?

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