Jonny Glenn

FRESH: ‘Don’t Wanna Let You Down’ – Jonny Glenn

Jonny Glenn says “Don’t Wanna Let You Down”

Jonny Glenn is music’s newest pop-rock showman sent straight from the stars. Born from a cosmic fusion of John Lennon’s lyrical genius & astronaut John Glenn’s intrepid bravery for mankind, Jonny Glenn’s mission is to send us Earthlings on a psychedelic journey to reach new horizons with cosmic stage theatrics. His latest single, “Don’t Wanna Let You Down”, is a message for a key time during mental health awareness month.

As someone who’s drawn to being in the public, Jonny wanted to write a love note to himself, reminding himself why he pursues his dreams and how he can face the different versions of himself as he climbs the ladder of success. Raised by a single mother in the American South, Jonny Glenn grew up without much money or many opportunities. But music provided Jonny the escape to another world; one where anything seemed possible. Through music, Jonny could imagine himself in all the legends he rocked out to and by carefully studying their theatricality, Jonny managed to embody the same visual flair and high energy of 70’s & 80’s rock performances in his first sets.

After graduating high school, Jonny moved to Massachusetts & attended Boston University, where he began to play live shows and build a local fanbase. He’s headlined many of Boston’s most popular venues, including the House of Blues, the Royale, Brighton Music Hall, The Red Room, The Middle East and now has over 100 shows under his belt across Boston, Charleston, & Los Angeles. Jonny’s recent releases, including “Sail Away, “All Fall Down”, “Wasted” and most recently, “Woah” featuring Ally Hills, have amassed him over 2M streams and over 30,000 monthly listeners.

Jonny’s music combines pop with rock influences, often paying homage to childhood idols Elvis, Freddie Mercury, and Nirvana. The wide range of his voice is well-suited for live performances and his high energy ensures all sets are frenetic and packed with the flamboyant fun that made 70’s glam rock, 80’s hair metal, & 90’s grunge bands so successful. Pouring his all into his passion, Jonny prepares to set sail with his debut album, aptly titled “8” after the cosmic birth of the artist “Jonny Glenn”, born December 8th. His charisma, musical talent and vocal stamina is sure to cement Jonny as one of music’s newest leading men.

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