The Archies

TRIVIA: Biggest Hits By Non-Human Artists on The UK Top 40

Acts who are not real or human that have had chart success in the UK!

In terms of chart success, this title goes to The Archies for “Sugar Sugar” which spent eight weeks at No.1 in 1969 and stayed in the Top 40 for 22 weeks. The Archies existed on television as an animated series based on comic book characters. The voices behind the singing cartoon characters were vocalists Ron Dante, Toni Wine and Andy Kim.

The biggest-selling single by a non-human group is “Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh” by The Teletubbies, No.1 in 1997 with 1.1 million copies sold.

The biggest-selling single by a non-human solo act is “Can We Fix It?” by Bob The Builder, No.1 in 2000 with just over a million copies sold.

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