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FRESH: ‘All Night, Right?’ – Be No Rain

Be No Rain says “All Night, Right?”

London based artist Be No Rain releases his new single “All Night, Right?”, along with the announcement of debut album “Strawberry Backstory”, due for release later this year. To understand Be No Rain’s lovelorn take on pop music you must first know where it was made. A south London studio decked out with disco balls, fairy lights, and fake ivy, in many ways, looks exactly how his music sounds.

Kitsch and camp in places, but unashamedly itself. It was in this utopia that Sam Frankl, who records as Be No Rain, got to work tirelessly distilling ideas he’d had over the course of a decade into a shape that represented his eclectic mind. The new single “All Night, Right?” is the second track to be shared from his upcoming debut album “Strawberry Backstory”. With a technicolour pop sound very much of his own, ‘All Night, Right?’ was written in a moment of self-realisation.

“‘All Night, Right?’ began life as a jaded song,” Be No Rain begins. “I wrote it at a time when I felt like I’d experienced every iteration of nightlife available to me. It was about feeling unbearably alone in a crowd, how experiences endlessly repeated and how even new faces seemed eerily familiar. It was also about coming to terms with the fact that being more restrained and abstemious was making me feel better than I ever had. Ever precocious, at the time I thought I was standing on the threshold of maturity and that my youth was receding. Now I see it as a more hopeful moment, a farewell to a certain kind of youthful abandon and a realisation that a degree of self-care is a gateway to new experiences and an escape from certain destructive cycles”.

Blending elements of contemporary pop music and indie rock with adept poetry, “All Night, Right?” and the album from which its lifted take influence from a wide spectrum of unlikely spaces. Yacht rock and classic 70s FM radio hits sit alongside Nicholas Jaar and PC Music, while his experiences DJing and extensive travels in the Americas also introduced him to salsa, samba, and other global sounds. The video for “All Night, Right?”, also released today, partners creatively with the video for previously released single “Deadweight”.

Directed by Aoife Blair & Jacek Zmarz, together they depict a character who is adrift in a destructive cycle, with the new video seeing the character remember and relive a scene of events; searching for some kernel of hope, some tangent that might change the tragic ending. Eventually, a short scene is played, rewound and played again for the dying bars of the song. Having found no redemption, our character returns to fixate on the moment of heartbreak, recapitulated again and again. Be No Rain will continue to release new music over the coming months, with debut album “Strawberry Backstory” due later this year.

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