FRESH: ‘Too Faded’ – Darence

Darence says it’s “Too Faded”

This is one of the songs from Malaysian-born producer, composer and songwriter Darence’s debut album. “Too Faded” is a blend of modern pop ballad and electronic house music. Darence says he tried to add a little acoustical vibe on top of an uplifting pop-dance style to embrace his soft and emotional voice. This song is soft and emotional from the start but has an energetic but pleasant house drop.

Darence says of the lyrics “This song is about how sometimes when we want love someone so much but we are just too tired of making up excuses for them to love us. It’s basically saying sometimes it’s not that we don’t care, we’re just too tired of explaining and arguing until a point where we don’t know how to love anymore”. Darence is most known for his emotional dance/electronic-pop music. He began releasing when he was 19 in 2019 and made his debut with “Where We Started” in January 2019.

Due to his fascination for electronic and classic pop-rock music, his songs blend classic acoustic and modern styles into electronic-based pop dance music. He seeks to turn modern electronic music into sad, emotional, slow and catchy dance-like pop music. He often uses the likes of electronic rock and acoustic guitars as the main melody of his music with a mixture of virtual synths and organic pianos as the base. Without any knowledge in music, Darence picked up his only skill in music playing drums in bands during high school.

Upon graduating, he couldn’t stop immersing himself in music production, eventually moving to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, at the age of 17 to pursue his study and career in music. After receiving a slow but warm welcome to his first ever self-written single released in early 2019, he began to focus solely on producing his original material. He later released 3 other singles with various artists from different countries in a year while working on soundtrack and instrumental materials for different artists and companies. As the future unfolds, Darence will only continue making better music that he enjoys but more importantly to bring peace and happiness to people.

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