Reece Lemonius

FRESH: ‘Something I Can Feel’ – Reece Lemonius

Reece Lemonius wants “Something I Can Feel”

Darkness falls across the land, the Midnight hour is close at hand” – “Thriller”, 1982

“Something I Can Feel” is a song of hope and suffering like few, asking for pain and darkness just to feel something, as that light of supposed hope shines right in front of one’s face. That sweet pain of longing that only needs a simple push, a simple release, a simple victory to turn into the pleasure we fear to lose again. This is what Reece Lemonius writes to himself as he sings to that desire “just give me something I can feel”.

Lost and found between dusk and dawn, Reece Lemonius’ “Midnight” EP is a look into the past with a nostalgic yet vibrant modern twist. Lemonius incorporates elements of alternative R&B, Funk, Soul and Melancholic Pop of days gone by. Fading into the soundtrack of his own self-reflection, tech-noire phantasies and heartbreak scenarios, for a time that never was. Like a summer night ride after watching “The lost boys” at the Drive-in.

Fueled with 80 synth spheres and classic guitars coming through the car speakers. Reece Lemonius hits the gas pedal with you in the passenger seat, singing you his poems with the volume of the radio cranked up while a robot with a sweet vocoder voice is whispering from the back seat. Navigated by his soulful voice and guided by timeless and illusionary melodies you can let loose and enjoy the ride through this six and a half track creation. Close your eyes, so you don ́t miss a single heartbeat of this very moment.

Midnight – a never-ending new beginning.

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