EVERY UK NUMBER ONE SONG: ‘Release Me’ – Engelbert Humpledinck

What was the number one song in the UK on 2nd March 1967?

British singer, Engelbert Humpledinck (born Arnold Dorsey. Yes, Arnold) was number one for 6 whole weeks with Release Me.

Release Me is the best selling single of 1967 and even prevented The Beatles and Strawberry Fields/Penny Lane from getting to number one. It has been covered many times, but it is Humpledinck (best surname ever?) that made it’s mark on the British charts. It’s a slow, slurping tune that suits Engelbert’s voice perfectly. However, it’s all a bit cheesy and vaguely creepy for me. So much so, I couldn’t quite finish listen to the whole song.


Please release me, let me go
For I don’t love you anymore
To waste our lives would be a sin
Release me and let me love againI have found a new love, dear
And I will always want her near
Her lips are warm while yours are cold
Release me, my darling, let me go

(Please release me, let me go)
For I don’t love you anymore
(To waste my life would be a sin)
So release me and let me love again

Please release me, can’t you see
You’d be a fool to cling to me
To live a lie would bring us pain
So release me and let me love again
(Let me love, let me love)

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