Alpha Yang

FRESH: ‘Like The Rain’ – Alpha Yang

Alpha Yang “Like’s The Rain”

“Like The Rain” is a song from Alpha Yang’s second album called “Double Season”. The song talks about the value of showing someone the way when one thinks help is not found. With all the songs being produced in his bedroom, the song’s intimacy and vulnerability shines. Alpha Yang is a solo project created by Jacob Yulo back in 2016. The producer/singer-songwriter/performer is a 20 year old living in Manila, Philippines.

When Jacob was unable to join any band in high school, he decided to make alpha yang as a compromise. The project started out with EDM remixes on Soundcloud, before making his own original electronic pop content. He has been consistently releasing music ever since. His debut album called Spellbound is out on all digital platforms. New music will be released this 2020.

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