Tim Kamrad

FRESH: ‘Blame It On The Lights’ – Tim Kamrad

Tim Kamrad “Blames’s It On The Lights”!

Tim Kamrad is a bass guitar playing singer-songwriter from Germany that you will most likely see dressed in colorful suits and crazy shirts. Influenced by heroes like Sting or Prince, Tim’s musical style is settled somewhere between Pop, RnB and sometimes even Rock. From very early on, the 23 year old knew that he didn’t want to do anything but make music.

After picking up his first guitar at the age of five, it didn’t take long until he started writing his own songs and performing live at every possible occasion. That is why, after graduating from school, he decided to take all his savings to record and release his debut EP “Changes” independently after being ignored multiple times by labels and the on-going musical buzz happening around him.

“Other people my age would buy a car. Me? I produced and released my record”. It is that first record that brought Tim to the attention of German media and allowed him to reach a much broader audience. In 2018, after signing his first record deal, his debut album “Down & Up” followed, accompanied by several tours throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Playing a big number of concerts in front of huge audiences up to 40.000 people, the singer-songwriter then worked on developing his unique style and grew into being a fully fledged, full-time musician. With his latest single in 2020, “Blame It on the Lights”, his new 80s influenced style is shown pretty accurately.

The song is a bass guitar driven, up-tempo pop track with a smooth, laid-back vocal performance and a touch of The Police vibes Producing the single during the Corona lockdown, Tim and his producers tried to transfer themselves into better times where partying and going out was still possible. As he explains: “On ‘Blame It on the Lights’ we tried to capture the vibe of a summer night in your favourite city”. Enjoying the moment with your friends, fancying the freedom of youth and staying up until the sun comes out again. “To me, this song sounds so much like being outside on a hot summer night with a cold beer that I really can’t wait until we get to do this again”.

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