Alex Frew

FRESH: ‘Get Out Alive’ – Alex Frew

Alex Frew debuts with “Get Out Alive”

You may have never heard of Alex Frew, but if it was up to him, I’m sure he would like to keep it that way. For Alex, his music speaks for him; and his debut single “Get Out Alive” is loud and clear. The Canadian songwriter sings of love lost, navigating his social anxiety and wondering if he’ll ever be the same again. This theme is juxtaposed with his soothing vocals that may make you fall in love with the young crooner; a happy ending after all.

Eighteen-year-old Canadian singer/songwriter Alex is a swirling mix of emotions, yet unafraid to express the state of his mind. His sound speaks teenage angst that rings passionately over melancholy tracks, narrating a journey of wanting to be alone but needing to be in love. The one thing that is clear is his unique way with words when it comes to music. This newcomer is set to make his mark in 2020. “Get Out Alive” marks the first release of many to come.

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