St. Niklas

FRESH: ‘Even When It Hurts’ – St. Niklas

St. Niklas hurts “Even When It Hurts”

“Your Imperfections Make Me Even More Obsessed With You” is the new EP from St. Niklas and contains several un-released tracks, one of them being “Even When It Hurts”. St. Niklas is the brainchild of the Norwegian producer/singer songwriter Niklas Nesset. Inspired by 80’s pop culture, his music combines nostalgic synths with references from modern pop.

“When I wrote ‘Even When It Hurts’ I wanted to put into words how a breakup can lead to self-destructive behaviour. In one moment you’re in loves’ intoxication, but in the next one you feel that love is a curse. It’s pretty weird, but while looking back on previous relationships even my very best friends couldn’t comfort me. It really makes no sense when I’m looking back on it. Is it because the need of being seen is biggest from that very person that just told you you’re not good enough?”

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