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FRESH: ‘Dig A Little Deeper’ – Mister Keith

Mister Keith returns with “Dig A Little Deeper”

After the critical acclaim of his debut album (and last year’s single) as Mister Keith, songwriter Keith Ayling has released a new single, “Dig A Little Deeper”. The self-professed originator of ‘Victorian Pop’ brings a new lyrical depth of hope for these times full of harmonies, melody and lyrical panache. “Dig A Little Deeper” brings a new intensity to the sonic palette of Mister Keith.

There’s a new urgency, full pop sensibility and character throughout. “Songs are always a combination of ideas, where the present meets the memory; experience made contemporary. ‘Dig A Little Deeper’ is no exception” says Mister Keith. Fuelled by a questioning of life and punctuated with the image of a long distance cycle ride, it is no coincidence that it was written just after five years of headlining Britain’s premier cycling festival Eroica Britannia.

“We loved playing there and were honoured that they took us to their hearts so quickly. It reminded me of my 17 years at Greenbelt Festival. I’m really proud of this single and the lyrical twists I’ve managed to weave in. They were quite instinctive and hopefully much more accessible, emotive and spiritual songs to write than Mister Keith’s previous album. They’re about real life. We all struggle with our anxiety and uncertainty, but yet we all seek adventure! Hope brings perseverance” he adds.

“Dig A Little Deeper” features Warwickshire’s John Parker on Double Bass (Nizlopi) from the very first note, Kenilworth School music teacher Kate Ayling, and Walsall’s Mick Buckley on guitars. Mister Keith from Kenilworth is the songwriter, singer, executive producer and plays percussion. The song was recorded at Eastbourne’s Echo Zoo studios, with producer Dave Lynch who works with Duke Special, Luke Sital Singh, Jake Bugg and Ed Harcourt.

Throughout his 33-year career, Mister Keith has performed on BBC, iTV, Five and MTV plus a host of stages large and small around the world. He continues to have a high profile in national music education as a lecturer and TED speaker on songwriting. During the lockdown he has continued to mentor songwriters from Leeds College of Music as well as run family events for local families on Zoom! “Songwriting is easy. Writing a great song, that’s a little harder, but I love to teach the tricks and tools that help anyone to tell their own story”.

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