FRESH: ‘Friends’ – Montrell

Montrell speak of “Friends”

British band Montrell’s new single, “Friends”, conceivably proves that you don’t need complex synth arrangements to put out a pop song, regardless of what the hottest new producer is telling you. It’s summery, yet has a melancholia, whilst not taking itself too seriously.

Jonny Taylor (lead vocal, guitars) sings “I’m running out of friends to call […] everyone just sends me their regards” and continues pleadingly to try to establish a real connection with the object of his lyrics. Alex Moorse (drums) helped Jonny with the arrangement over a number of calls and all the members sent their recorded stems over to Jonny in his flat to piece together, as is fast becoming the method in the vast annals of recorded lockdown music.

Sam Delves’ bass is threads through the track perkily. Michael Kurtz’ (vocals, guitars) vocals sit playfully next to Taylor’s, thickening the sentiment with cheerful yet wistful choruses. “We wanted to create a nostalgic sound” says Jonny from his home in Hackney, “and I’d just bought a really basic 1980s Yamaha keyboard from Japan which hopefully gives a sort of childishly plaintive aspect to the intro”.

The single marks the unveiling of their new EP; with Taylor’s old friend Jacob Wolff’s enigmatic cover art, entitled ‘Drops’. Montrell are a UK band hailing from Winchester, Leicester and Kingston. Neil Young and Black Keys’ publisher, Wixen Music, signed the indie rock four in February 2020.

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