FRESH: ‘Redo’ – J-Line

J-Line wants to “Redo”

J-LINE is a vocal/songwriter/co-producer based in New York City. His music has garnered over 500,000 streams close to one million YouTube views and he was recently featured in USA Today as one of the nation’s leading LGBTQ advocates. J-LINE is an anti bullying advocate that has visited over 1500 schools throughout the US, inspiring young people to stand upagainst injustice and truly be themselves.

His new single, “Redo”, was recorded in January 2020 and produced by J-LINE and Electropoint. “Redo” is a mid-tempo track about wanting a do over with the greatest ex you ever had. J-LINE tells us “It’s inspired by that feeling I think we all have to redo a situation with an ex and start over. Maybe somehow we can get it right this time”. J-LINE adds, “The song is about lying in bed, late at night, thinking about your ex and wondering if they still think about you too. Can they hear you as you cry for them? Are they wanting a love “redo” the same way you do. Is a ‘redo’ even possible?”.

The song was written and recorded in about three hours while J-Line says the lyrics just flowed out of him one day in the studio and once he got going, the song began to write itself. He adds: “It was very instinctual in that way. We almost let the song write itself and tell us what it wanted to be. In a world that can sometimes feel dark, I want people to listen to my music and feel inspired, happy or hopeful that they too can beheard and have a voice. I want to speak for those who can not speak for themselves”.

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