Cariss Auburn

FRESH: ‘Too Tired To Sleep’ – Cariss Auburn

Cariss Auburn is “Too Tired To Sleep”

Cariss Auburn is a melodic and soulful singer-songwriter and self-taught producer from Wolverhampton whose influences range from 80s funk and soul to 90s R&B. Previously longlisted in Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition Cariss has opened for soul legend Alexander O’Neal at The Jam house Birmingham and performed at Various ‘Sofar Sounds’ sessions across the UK.

Cariss says, “My music is a form of personal catharsis and because of that, often covers the sadder emotions in life, but always with a little optimism, either in the lyrics or the music itself. My new single, “Too Tired To Sleep”, was inspired by the insomnia I experience from time to time. It’s almost as though I lose the motivation to sleep because it means starting another day. My mind won’t shut off, so I stay up to try and get tired enough to sleep, but thinking about sleeping just becomes another pressure! The song was a result of me navigating the frustration of being trapped in this loop”.

Due to the Covid–19 pandemic, Cariss has had to cancel all upcoming shows, however the soul acoustics tour that was organised by Punch records is still due to happen later this year.

For more about Cariss, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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