Lazer Owl

FRESH: ‘Everything Is Gonna Be Alright’ – Lazer Owl

Lazer Owl says “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright”

Lazer Owl’s new track, “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright”, is an outlook of reassurance and comfort for those that need it. A heartwarming synth-wave ballad, the song tackles head-on the thoughts and feelings of those who over think, deal with self doubt and struggle with the daily routine. The brainchild of Italian songwriter Anthony Lazaro, Lazer Owl embodies the artist’s nocturnal alter-ego.

Leaving behind his established acoustic sound in favour of a new, more synthetic disguise and with almost 50,000 monthly listeners, Lazer Owl has established himself as a successful synth artist featuring on one of the top synthwave playlists on Spotify. With an essence of romance around his music, Lazer Owl’s main influences come from the French Disco school, the downtempomasters like Tricky and Zero 7, contemporary pop disco and synthwave star Kavinsky.

With his main goal Lazaro wants Lazer Owl to become a soundscape for those to immerse themselves in. To use it as a stress reliever and to have it constantly evolve with new elements being introduced with every song. In the midst of global madness with areas around the world reaching the tipping point, some people will find themselves looking for reassurance and comfort from those around them. Lazer Owl aims to become that voice. Lazer Owl forces Lazaro to shed his acoustic skin in favour of a new, more synthetic disguise. Opting to now make use of neon lights, filtered vocals and electronic beats.

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