Gabby Wilson

FRESH: ‘Hug It Out’ – Gabby Wilson

Gabby Wilson wants to “Hug It Out”

As we all know, Scandinavian pop has always been a hallmark of sonic excellence. Swedish singer-songwriter Gabby Wilson is about to raise the bar and our spirits with her sparkling debut confection, “Hug It Out”. Nourished by the colours which dance in the spaces between hooks and highs, “Hug It Out” is a billowing soap bubble of indie-pop. Gabby Wilson’s instinct for music you can’t get out of your head gives the best rush since Dagny, but with all the vocal punch of Gwen Stefani and Sia.

As with everything sweet, there is something bitter to taste, too. This is Gabby Wilson’s party, and she’ll cry if she wants to. The forerunner for her debut EP, “Hug It Out” arose after a finding herself in a relationship that was hanging by a thread: “Trust started to lack, communication started to get shorter and shorter, with the pressure of taking the relationship to the next level rather than enjoying the here and now. We were missing a sense of fun and playfulness. It felt like the only time my boyfriend and I didn’t fight was when we were sleeping. That was the time when we could hold each other and feel close. It’s impossible to get to that vulnerable place in your everyday life”.

Gabby Wilson wears her heart on her sleeve, and she wears her vulnerabilities as strength – and let it be said, she wears them well. Her music is not just sonic, but sensory. The Swedish singer-songwriter’s style is a canvas pattered with a thousand influences, it looks as striking as it sounds. She had a sweet tooth from the start for 90s pop, yet sought the finer feelings of soul and the confessional weight that grunge could bring to the table. Her sound is the product of a steady diet of Madonna, Marilyn Manson and Ben E. King. More than that, she is visually driven, reflecting the subtleties in her music through imagery.

She is as much drawn to timeless symbols like roses and the flickers of the silver screen as she is ripping the edges, drawing inspiration from pop-punk progenitor Hayley Williams. Her path as a musician felt almost inevitable. Since her piano teacher discerned her talent for writing her own music as a child, it has been the start of a life-long love affair. Ever since, Wilson has been on a conquest to strike the perfect chord that resonates with her own experiences. Having been scouted in her hometown, she took her talents to Sweden and honed her craft not only as a vocalist and songwriter, but also as an entrepreneur and producer.

Starting out writing clean-cut pop anthems for artists around the world, Gabby Wilson is now shifting her focus, choosing to amplify her own experiences. Her debut EP is an introduction into her world. “I like to keep my circle small”, Wilson explains, all her collaborators are first and foremost her friends, from her producer to her graphic designer and photographer. It helps create a sense of intimacy that permeates through to her confessional lyrics. For Gabby Wilson, it’s all about taking the light with the shade, which is at the core of her identity as an artist: “I suck at relationships. I hope there’s something healing in the music I make, but I also want it to be a way of snapping out of the drama and laughing about it sometimes”.

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