FRESH: ‘Say You’ll Be There’ – Shaefri

Shaefri wants you to “Say You’ll Be There”

Shaefri has released her brand new single, “Say You’ll Be There”, the latest song to be taken from her forthcoming EP “Girl”, out July 1st via her new deal with Warner Music’s W Songs. “Say You’ll Be There” is an ode to support networks and speaking out, penned after the loss of a friend. The anthemic alt-pop track flourishes with Shaefri’s high-flying vocals, while the driving rhythms inspired by her unique half-Egyptian, half-Irish heritage run throughout.

About the song, Shaefri tells us, “I’m cautious of bringing up mental health because it has become such a click bait topic, but most people suffer from depression at points, myself included. It’s becoming less and less taboo to talk about but I wanted to emphasise the need for open, honest communication and how both sides, of any relationship need to reach out for and to help; you never know who might be struggling”.

Shaefri’s distinctive heritage forms the beating heart of every one of her songs. Arabic beats meet harmonies that hark back to summers spent in Mayo and family sing-alongs. Percussion and strings spring from a childhood immersed in the music of both cultures. In her hypnotic vocals, Shaefri’s contrasting sides collide. “Girl”, the London-raised singer and songwriter’s spectacular second EP, is the result of a two-year quest to capture her unique identity. A fresh, organic blend of electronics and acoustic instruments, the five tracks may be steeped in tradition, but could only have been written by a young woman in today’s time of great transition.

Shaefri adds, “Some of the themes on ‘Girl’ are quite dark and serious, but sonically, it’s all upbeat and uplifting. I’m not wallowing in what’s gone wrong. I’m addressing issues and actual events that are affecting my generation. Talking about them gets them out in the open and helps overcome them”. “Girl” follows the release of Shaefri’s critically praised debut EP “Cracks” in 2017. The EP explored the dark side of love and was described as “divine” and “a breath of fresh air” by the likes of Clash, DIY and Hot Press and had several of its songs, notably lead single “Pixelate”, played on Amazing Radio, Radio X and RTE.

Where “Cracks” was intimate, raw and atmospheric, its lyrics delivered as though revealing secrets, “Girl” is brightly-textured and addictively melodic, favouring more straightforward story-telling, brisker beats and real instruments. In short, it’s the sound of Shaefri growing up. Shaefri’s new music finds her now comfortable in her own identity, thriving from a period of transition, coming armed with a fresh new sound and vision in 2020.

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