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TRIVIA: Songs That Have Never Reached The UK Top 40…Not For Want Of Trying!

How many weeks does it take to never get into the UK top 40?

Many songs don’t make it as far as the UK top 40, but these have REALLY tried! They’ve hung around for weeks and weeks but never sold enough to make it.

Faithless in 2005 reissued their dance classic “Insomnia” on 12″, which was ruled to be a completely separate release to the original. The song stayed in the chart for 19 weeks without ever reaching the top 40, eventually peaking at No.48.

Ken Barrie’s 1980’s childrens classic theme to “Postman Pat” did the same. Released in 1982, it entered the singles chart on three separate occasions, never going higher than No.44 and spending a total of 15 weeks fluttering about.

Evelyn Champagne King thought she was never going to make it in 1977 with her debut single “Shame”. For 22 weeks the song went up and down in the lower depths of the chart…but on week 23, it went to No.39. It dropped out the following week!

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