Spotify Summer Rewind

PLAYLIST: Summer In Rewind

My Summer In Rewind

A couple of years ago Spotify started the Summer Rewind playlist for its users – a personal playlist they created of songs you listened to a lot during summers gone by.

I loved mine as soon as I heard it and I was disappointed when it was over. There was so many great memories associated with each song.

I wanted more!

Luckily – thanks to the brilliance of I was able to go back to find all the songs I played a lot during summer months back to 2006. Also thanks to the powers of an old iTunes playlist I could also find songs from all time that I personally associate with summers.

I created this playlist…

…and I update it every year. Of course, it’s very personal to me but maybe some of these songs remind you of summer too?

If you love creating playlists then I really urge you to create your own ‘Summer In Rewind’ playlist.

If you don’t already use then maybe this might make you consider starting as it’s such a great way of re-visiting musical memories!

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