FRESH: ‘17’ – Ashley Singh

Ashley Singh Provides Plenty Of Flavour With 17

Ashley Singh is a new name for me. I was not aware of his backlog before being sent his new track ’17’ but having delved into his space; it is clear that he has plenty to offer.

His new track ’17’ is a pop gem, and although it takes influence from history, it also brings a myriad of flavour which makes for a remarkable listen. It all gets going with Ashley passionately delivering a strong vocal performance. He starts as he means to go on, with a bang. The guitar rhythm which lends itself to the intro also works well, and I relish its warm tone and heartfelt structure.

The chorus is where the real hook is though; this is where we get into the gritty with Ashley putting out an inspiring performance. Vocally, ’17’ is for me Ashleys best. He sings as if he is born for this and he leaves nothing on the shelf. As a result, he hits home with every word which comes out of his mouth. Also, the emotion can almost be touched with him transparently telling his story. Musically, though, it is nothing which I have not heard before. I would have liked to have listened to a little more originality here but then again, if it works, who cares?

Overall, it is a significant number from Ashley Singh. Also, from the success of his last tracks, this one is sure to cement itself even further into playlists far and wide. Also, it proves that the underground scene has lots to offer, and if you look deep enough into the scene, you can come out with a jackpot like this one.

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