Vana Blu

FRESH: ‘Cloud 9’ – Vana Blu

Vana Blu is on “Cloud 9”

Vana Blu, who we brought to you earlier this year with his track “Scarred“, has just released his new track and a quirky video for “Cloud 9”. “Cloud 9” was recorded between Peckham, London with Fred Lessore and with Peter Lyons in New Cross, London. Fred was the co-composer and lyricist and Peter was the producer for the final track which kept some of Fred’s original demo.

Vana tells us the “The concept of the track came from when I had started dating someone and was feeling super excited and happy, nearly at ‘Cloud 9’! However when we returned to the track it had all come crashing down so we had to flip the switch to not quite making it to ‘Cloud 9’, made it all a bit more fun though. I spoke with Fred of Bjork and Robyn as styles and always admired George Michael’s vocal approach to pop music. When we went to finish the track in the studio I also spoke of 90s dance music and so added the housemusic element”.

Vana adds: “The song is a tongue in cheek pop song about not quite making it to ‘Cloud 9’ in the dating world over and over again, but beingable to brush it off and start again. It was a very very hot day in Peckham when we made the demo and you can almost hear the kids playing outside on this, but I remember when I finished the vocals, the rain was pouring and was a very different day. Almost a reflection of the song!”.

Vana states that obviously the more eye-catching this is the better. With “Cloud 9” Vana Blu is taking a honest but tongue in cheek take of his dating life in London and stylistically has revisited his 90s music childhood to do so and keep it light. All from the man who nce dressed as a robot eating crisps at a bus station for a ‘Walkers’ TV commercial! Keep em coming Vana and keep a munchin!!

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