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FRESH: ‘Amazing Girl’ – JayQ The Legend

JayQ The Legend releases “Amazing Girl”

JayQ The Legend has just released his new Summer track, “Amazing Girl”, which is dedicated to empowering, inspiring and amazing females worldwide. Fresh from reaching No.1 on the Billboard Reggae Digital Song Charts, attaining top spot on the Reggae iTunes Charts, hitting No.10 on the Music Week Urban Club Charts, No.15 on Hip Hop iTunes Charts, top 30 on Billboard R&B song Charts and US terrestrial UAC radio, as well as featuring on National Rotation on BETJAMS and BETSOUL, JayQ The Legend is following up on his international success with the release of “Amazing Girl”.

The JayQ The Legend (BreakOut Music) song “Amazing Girl”, a kick off to AMAZING GIRL SUMMER, a summer dedicated to celebrating women everywhere and the intelligence and fortitude and care they bring to humanity in these uncertain times. “Amazing Girl” – written by JayQ The Legend and co-produced by 1500 or Nothing – isd edicated to all the incredible women out there who are making a difference in the world. The list is long and illustrious, and spans from athletes, such as Mia Hamm, Kristi Yamaguchi and Serena Williams to artists, scientists, business women, and politicians suc has Misty Copeland, Tiero Fletcher (Guinn) and Jennifer Doudna, Gabby Gifford, and Glenda McNeal.

BreakOut Music CEO, Miriam Bavly, a Harvard graduate, screenwriter and producer says: “Amazing women come in all colours and creeds. We need to recognise that every girl is an amazing woman about to blossom: Cathy Hughes, whom I met and admire, built Radio One from the ground up, with the cards stacked against her. It is mind-boggling what she achieved. Look around her organisation, she walks the walk, clearly dedicated to empowering other women”. Of course, many amazing women are still not in the limelight.

JayQ The Legend told us: “It is time to highlight women and their daily contributions to humanity, this is what my song is about, to express how amazing women truly are. In my personal life, my incredible mother overcame abuse, and made incredible sacrifices, to give her children better lives. Mothers around the world are heroines every day, loving, nurturing and fiercely protecting their children. So many women do so many amazing things every day. Women must be at every level of control, power, and politics that affect our society and planet. They must be increasingly involved in politics and business at the executive level, wherever and whenever crucial decisions are made”.

Stefan Toren, Head of A&R at A&R Factory added: “JayQ The Legend is one of the fastest growing artists in his genre, with over 250k Instagram followers, he’s captured a market that is hungry for his fresh and infectiously happy sound”. JayQ The Legend is an American singer-songwriter one of the top afrobeat performers worldwide His debut single “Body Talk” hit the top of the Billboard Digital Song and iTunes charts in 2019 and has charted as high as No.10 on the UK club charts. He is a prolific writer, and has written recently with Grammy winners Joelle James, 1500 orNothin, and Jazze Pha. JayQ The Legend is a role model for African Americans. He is a civil rights and entertainment lawyer turned Afrobeat singer and songwriter, holding an MBA as well as a pilot’s license!

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