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FRESH: ‘Butterflies & Warning Signs’ – Dean Knill

Dean Knill sees “Butterflies & Warning Signs”

Dean Knill is a vocalist, songwriter and an artist, he has been singing and performing for around 12 years and is manly influenced by pop, R’n’B, pop rock, blues, folk and soul music. He says artists and bands such as The Beatles, Bee Gees, M.J, Elton John, Nas, Prince, Oasis, Pharrell, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, The Weeknd, Khalid, Julia Michaels, Raye, H.E.R and solo many more (if that wasn’t enough!).

Dean has just released his new song, “Butterflies & Warning Signs”, the follow up to his debut single, “I Loved You More”. “Butterflies and Warning Signs” was recorded in Brighton and produced by George Holliday.

Dean tells us that: “Butterflies & Warning Signs” is a song I wrote about the brief summertime flings that most of us experience, which sharply end or simply fade away. But still, they manage to hurt you in unique ways. Our natural connection was undeniable, effortless, irresistible, and free. Just our eye contact and the presence of one another would overwhelm us with butterflies. For that reason alone I remained hopeful that someday everything would fall into place, sadly though her hesitation left me no choice but to let go. We could never escape the warning signs and deep down I knew the attention she craved did not stop with mine. Love is sometimes temporary”.

He adds: “I have loads more music to come this year, an acoustic version of my debut single, “I Loved You More”, an acoustic version of “Butterflies & Warning Signs” as well as a remix. I also have a lyric video for “Butterflies & Warning Signs” coming up for YouTube. With an EP expected before the year ends”. We can’t wait!

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