FRESH: ‘Just Dancing’ – Philippine

Philippine is “Just Dancing”

Big fan of Lennon, Stella and Maggie Rogers? Looking for music that combines 80’s influences with a modern production and catchy hooks? Then I must now present to you Philippine. With her bright and luminous vocals, the 21 year old singer and artist stuns you with lyrics about real life experiences and melodies that you will not be able to forget quickly. The singer’s country roots can still be discovered into her songwriting and into the big role the acoustic guitar plays in her music.

But modern pop music and pop music from the 80s have also inspired her production, which can especially be heard in the percussion and the use of synthesizers. Her sound tends to lean more into a modern pop sound in most of her songs, but in especially her ballads and slow songs, the country influences come forward. Philippine as performed many times since she was a young girl,in places such as ESNS, 3FM and the Old LuxorT heatre. This year her new music will be released and she will announce her new tour dates after the Corona Crisis.

For more about Philippine, check out her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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