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FRESH: ‘My Sista Told Me/I Don’t Really’ – Nyah Grace

Nyah Grace double A’s with “My Sista Told Me” and “I Don’t Really”

Nyah Grace is a teenage prodigy with an old soul, a love of new tech, an astonishing voice, and a knack for telling stories. Her early singles have signposted her limitless potential, resulting much coverage plus live performance for Link Up TV and Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality Climate Change event. Those supporters demonstrate the breadth of her appeal. She’s a teenage artist who naturally connects with her generation, while also having the ability to crossover into a mainstream audience.

Her debut album, “Honey-Coloured”, is set for release on July 24th, Nyah Grace is now set for a further wave of discovery with a double-A side single featuring “My Sista Told Me” and “I Don’t Really”. “My Sista Told Me” is a slick, sun-kissed slice of modern soul, which delivers feel-good vibes and uplifting funk in equal measure. Nyah’s timeless voice carries the power and nuance of a veteran artist, while a verse delivered in a mix of spoken word and rap adds a fresh angle to her versatile vocal. And to cap it all, the song was composed and performed with Grammy Award-winner Corinne Bailey-Rae!

Fittingly for a song which passes advice from one generation to the next, Nyah Grace and Corinne Bailey-Rae co-wrote the song together. It was completed with a further co-write from producer Steve Chrisanthou, who produced some of Corinne’s biggest hits. Nyah tells us, “Corinne and I started writing this song when we first met, but it was a year later that I saw her again and we were able to finish the song. I couldn’t get the verse quite right, but she suggested that I try this and it immediately worked. I’m not a rapper, so this was really fun and out there for me”.

The second track, “I Don’t Really”, flows with a different kind of energy. A rejection of a love interest that didn’t meet the grade, it’s an empowered strut of modern pop, throwback R&B and understated jazz flourishes. Nyah Grace wrote the song alongside Michael Kwesi Graves. “Michael played the most beautiful set of chords I’d ever heard and put in some chords, quickly found the drum loop and it sounded amazing” recalls Nyah. “I wrote all the lyrics at home that same day and put in some vocals. The next day I thought a voicemail part would be cool, so I edited together all the messages in my phone. It has my grandma, plus all my friends from elementary school, because no one’s left me a voicemail forever. I’m really proud of it”.

The “Honey-Coloured” album represents the culmination of Nyah Grace’s journey so far. You’ll hear echoes of influences spanning decades of music history, from H.E.R. and Mac Ayres to Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill and Estelle and back to Billie Holiday. Excitingly her identity, however, is very much her own. All of which makes ‘Honey-Coloured’ a modern classic that’s waiting to be discovered. “I want ‘Honey-Coloured’ to be the record that you put on with friends late at night” Nyah concludes. “I love writing stories. I want people to hear a combination of words and think that’s so poetic, and be moved by it”.

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