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FRESH: ‘Where Would We Be Now?’ – Stevie Appleton

Stevie Appleton asks “Where Would We Be Now?”

Stevie Appleton has released “Where Would We Be Now?”, the follow up song to “Blue” with DJ Teisto. Following the success of “Blue”, released earlier this year, where Stevie was featured vocalist (he also co-wrote the song with Teisto), his new single, “Where Would We Be Now?” was written earlier this year. The single is a piece of Summer pop, that he is hoping will get people DANCING after weeks of lockdown. Produced by London based Jay Reynolds, who is currently on a roll, his recent credits include working with Dua Lipa, AJ Tracy and Mabel, Fred Again and Nines…

Stevie combines a duel love of singer-songwriters with the production value of dance to mine his own brand on pop music. The London based artist is a musician in the truest sense. An accomplished pianist from the age of six and talks passionately of a love of travel that’s seen him perform with salsa bands in Cuba, classical musicians on the Amalfi Coast of Italy and a hip hop group in Colombia. “Playing around the world like that has given me a chance to explore some of the genres that might be too much for a record” he says.

After graduating from music college in London, he was quickly signed by Spinnin’ Record’s based in The Netherlands, and recognised as one of their key writers. During his time there, the label recognised his vocal and performing ability and, with Warner Music Group, released his debut single “Supposed To Do”. Stevie has since become a platinum-selling writer with artists including Tiesto, Cher Lloyd, Klingande and Filatov & Karas, with Number 1’s as far afield as Russia, Poland and Singapore. Stevie adds: “I started as a live musician and performing reminds me why this is the only job I ever want”. And it’s a job he’s not doing too badly at so far!

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