FRESH: ‘Project 9’ – Abel Razal

Abel Razal Unleashes Prince Influenced Track ‘Project 9’

The new project from Abel Razal caught me off-guard. I was not expecting to be pulled so far into his field, and I could not help find myself gripping to it with its infectious quality.

‘Project 9’ is a track which takes influence from rock legend ‘Prince’. It has a similar approach with a myriad of similarities making the mix. But, Abel has cleverly added his own angle to the great sound. Also, he has drafted in the support from top-class vocalist ‘M. A Teuwen’.

Combined, the pair of them make a stand out track. It is the type of record which will get the hairs standing firmly on the back of your neck. It starts with a rocky intro, and that vibe follows the track throughout. But, at times we hear heaps of new sounds making it into the mix. I relish how Abel has intertwined numerous effects to create a cocktail of all things fabulous.

Again, similar to ‘Prince’, a funk and soul vibe is poking out. It has the power to make you tap your foot, and before you know it, you are well into the vortex. As the track progresses, it builds and become a colossal mixture of radiance.

Overall, the track shines brightly. It has a new unique sound but yet stays genuinely nostalgic. It reminds me of the years where this type of music flourished, and it proves that the sound will never grow old. But, is it the most original piece to make it onto my radar in recent years? Probably not, but it is a track which I will not be letting go of for quite some time.

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