FRESH: ‘Tic Toc’ – Zaritza

Zaritza releases “Tic Toc”

“Tic Toc” is an anthem of life woven by Zaritza’s uplifting voice and DJ Titusz’ energetic beats. “Tic Toc”, the new musical collaboration by Zaritza and DJ Titusz, is an exotic blend of fresh and groovy rhythms, soulful voice and empowering lyrics. Through this new project, the New York-based singer incorporates the themes of passion, inesse and sexual freedom, praising female empowerment in an innovative format which includes Electronic Music and Soul.

Combination of Pop, Funk and Electronica, the time is here for a fresh, positive, energetic, summer vibe. In “Tic Toc”, Zaritza shows her sensual and playful side; a flower of self-expression that has grown out of the earth of the old soviet era. She is an enigma with depth and understanding that is set to blossom into more realisations of imagination for all to enjoy.

Born in a small Russian village at the end of the Soviet era, Zaritza followed the path of Apollo since her young age. She took music and dance as her ultimate shelter against the struggle of her daily life and excelled in both. Being an outstanding dancer and classical pianist, she was spotted and integrated into an intense program dedicated for gifted musical students. As a result, she won numerous regional piano competitions and received several awards. Although she had followed a classical art at her beginnings, she fell for the freedom that the creative process of Pop music offered.

Zaritza instinctively began writing and recording her original pop songs. After graduating from high school and ten years of musical training, Zaritza spread her wings to join the U.S musical scene with great devotion, passion and determination. Whilst here she absorbed the culture, the musical inspiration and energy to develop even further, even getting the chance to meet legends such as Nile Rogers (Chic), Robert “Kool” Bell (Kool & the Gang) and David Robinson (The Cars). Her musical signature is a fusion between two cultures and holds a rich set of inspiring notions like love, identity, dreams, disappointment, freedom, femininity and feminism.

The techniques of Zaritza as a musician are affected by the perfectionism and accuracy of her previous classical music training as well as the creativity and the good sense of risk taking of her Pop Music spirit. Her roots are woven through many deep-set artistic nutrients, meaning that each work she creates is unique and more personal than the last. “All I can say is: ooh la la” Zaritza tells us. She really has something going on. This is a great album, full of mesmerising melodies that span the spectrum from rock to classical. And Zaritza’s voice is superb.

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