Kylie 2020 Say Something

NEWS: ‘Disco’ 2020 As Kylie REALLY Say’s Something!

Kylie STUNS with “Say Something”!

Well…what can I say? 33 years after the release of her debut single, “The Locomotion”, Kylie shows artistic talent and her understanding of what the world so badly needs with her out-of-this-world new single, “Say Something”. Premiered yesterday morning and with the official lyric video just released, “Say Something” is a glittering fantasia of all that an artist at the very top of their field can offer and deliver in line with what the people want and so badly crave.

“Say Something” is the lead single from Kylie’s 15th, yup, FIFTEENTH studio album, “Disco“, that’s released on November 6th. It’s Kylie’s second studio release from BMG Rights Management, following her ‘golden’ certified album, “Golden“, in 2018 and comes at the end of an exhaustive but outstanding time of her life in which she has performed to hundreds of thousands of fans globally as well as releasing her third, official anthology of greatest hits looking back across her four decades in music.

“Can we all be as one again?”

If “Say Something” is anything to go by, “Disco” looks set to be yet another chart topper and maybe offer a Platinum disc or two as well(!) Having seen Kylie perform at very close quarters over the past two years and on numerous occasions, I for one cannot wait to see what kind of stage Kylie will set next year when she takes “Disco” to the masses and engage in her number one occupation, connecting with her audience and feeding from the love and respect she has been showered with for the past 33 years. Let’s burn this “Disco” down this Summer as Kylie reintroduces that sparkle of magic to all our lives we’ve been waiting for 2020 to offer.

“You can light up the dark like a solar scape” have teamed up with Townsend Music to bring you all the formats of “Disco” to pre order and add to your collection. And as with all her previous releases, there are quite a few to collect! If it’s coloured vinyl you want, you won’t be disappointed and there are the usual standard CD and deluxe edition’s available, with the deluxe offering 16 awesome new songs from our favourite Australian Queen of Pop.

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