FRESH: ‘We Will Not Be Lovers’ – Hennessey

Hennessey say “We Will Not Be Lovers”

Hennessey, from New York, are a group of multi-disciplinary artists who have come together to create vintage-pop obsessed electronic dance punk. Leah Hennessey, also known as a playwright and creator of the underground web series Zhe Zhe, is the lead singer and principal songwriter of Hennessey. As a pretty new band, they’ve already opened for a wide array of New York artists such as Macy Rodman, Gustaf, Sloppy Jane and Cumgirl8.

Hennessey made their UK debut last September supporting Jesse Malin at the famous 100 Club in London. They’ve self-released their first single, “Sleeping Beauty”, and were featured for the video in Vogue Magazine. Hennessey’s newest single is a sinister dance punk cover of “We Will Not Be Lovers”, a deep cut from The Waterboys’ 1988 “Fisherman’s Blues” album. Singer Leah says “Mike Scott is a true poet, and his lucidity and lyrical stamina is a constant source of inspiration and envy to me. I think I feel about Mike Scott something of what he feels about W.B. Yeats”.

Why “We Will Not Be Lovers”? “I first fell in love with ‘We Will Not Be Lovers’ when my friends and I saw The Waterboys live in Prospect Park, Brooklyn a few years ago. We all loved the band to varying degrees, but when that song started, we were just staring at each other, jaws dropped. This one was ours, in a way we couldn’t explain. Something about the passionate rage and tortured yearning of ‘We Will Not Be Lovers’ is so undeniably feminine. The complex intensity is operatic, like the torrential feelings of a mythic woman in a tragic opera”.

The video, directed by band member E.J. O’Hara, was created in quarantine as an exploration of Virtual Romanticism. It reimagines the imagery of English landscapes, Greek statues, haunted portraits, and memento mori in an alienated virtual reality. While still a relatively new band, Hennessey has built up a devoted following from their explosive and theatrical live shows (which have continued and evolved in the virtual sphere).

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