FRESH: ‘Flawless’ – Naytiive

Naytiive gives a “Flawless” debut!

Bringing a new wave of funk/pop music to the UK, Naytiive, 26 years old and based in Hornsey London, mixes infectious melodies with a high octane live performance, full of charisma. After already having nine years experience in the music business with a previous project (Concept), Naytiive went solo on 1st January 2019. After only five months into the project he headlined his first London show which received glowing reviews as well as a 140 ticket haul.

His energy oozes out into the crowd, making the stage his home and lifting the mood of the audience whilst doing so. With influences including artists like Bruno Mars, Jamiroquai, Parcels and Prince, Naytiive likes to bring the party to the stage. His debut release is quite literally “Flawless”, a gorgeous Summer groove with echoes of the 80’s and 90’s that should please anyone who appreciates the tunes of those decades. We wish Naytiive well and look forward to more music to come…

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