FRESH: ‘Eyes Off The Prize’ – Victoria Moralez

Victoria Moralez Delves Into A Dark Pop Space

I only discovered Victoria Moralez recently, and I have found myself fixating on her release ‘Eyes Off The Prize’ ever since.

It is a track which opens a new chapter for the pop genre. It has plenty of contemporary pop quality, but it takes us down an original path into a darker and harrowing space. I mean, that is not to say that it will scare you, but it has sounds which take a more sinister direction.

Victoria gets underway quickly after a short intro beat, her vocal grips instantly. She sings with plenty of breath, and it adds to the theme. It is a vocal performance which I am relishing with her often switching her style between fast and slow tempos. She sings about taking the ‘eyes off the prize’. It is not hugely clear what she is getting at here, but I can only imagine that it is one those ‘you want what you cannot have’ scenarios.

As the track plays out, the music steps up with the beat rapidly increasing almost like a heartbeat with someone running towards you. It is an original structure with it also adding more weight to the storyline. Towards, the latter, it all takes a step back with a dreamy bridge with the singer lending an even more unforgettable angelic performance.

Overall, it is an individual yet exciting piece. It has plenty of talking points, and although there is nothing hugely complicated about it, it proves the singer has an approach to music which stands out to the vast majority of other pop artists. Also, she demonstrates that you do not always need an intricate mix to make for a great track.

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