SPOTLIGHT: Gillian Heidi

Poetic, eloquent and a stirring soulful voice

There’s nothing static about this girl’s talent!

She’s a Boston songstress and at the young age of 16, Gillian Heidi is “desperate” to show the world her musical talents.

We don’t think she needs the desperation as here at Talk About Pop Music we think her music will speak for itself and take her anywhere she wants to go.

Gillian, tell us the story behind ‘Static’…

Gillian recently told us more about the story behind the lyrics to ‘Static’.

We love hearing the background to the songs we include on our playlists from the artist’s perspective.

Have a listen to Gillian’s ‘Playlist Story’ and if you would like to know more about other artist’s stories then you can watch them here.

This night-time songwriter didn’t stay ‘static’ for long as her latest song ‘Desperate’ has just been released.

She says about the song that it’s “a dramatic story about a small feeling I blew out of proportion.”

If you only listen to one new song today, make sure it’s a Gillian Heidi one!

Watch this space for the upcoming EP!

“I strive for authenticity, everything comes directly from me. My art is really who I am. Every word is true. You’re getting me through my writing.”

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