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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Joshua Kadison

If all Joshua Kadison is remembered for is “Jessie”, then let’s hope he found her.

Singer/songwriter Joshua Kadison (b.1963) was born in to showbiz. His mother was the actress Gloria Castillo (1933-1978), who co-starred with Robert Mitchum in the 1955 thriller ‘The Night Of The Hunter’. Joshua made his debut in May 1993 with his self-penned single, “Jessie”, allegedly written about his then girlfriend, Sarah Jessica-Parker, pre Sex And The City stardom. The song made it to No.26 on the US singles chart and went top twenty in Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Alas, the British didn’t seem so keen, as the song stalled at No.48.


“Jessie” was the lead single from his debut album, “Painted Desert Serenade”, released later that month. The album would eventually find its way to No.69 in his home country, helped by the much better performing second single, “Beautiful In My Eyes”, which peaked at No.19 Stateside while going top five in Australia. Again, the song flopped the other side of the Atlantic, when released there in 1994. One further single was lifted from the album, “Picture Postcards From LA”, which made No.84 there.


Joshua spent most of 1994 and early 1995 writing and recording his second long player, but was taken by surprise when the UK finally fell for “Jessie” early in 1995. The song made its way to No.15 in April/May that year, which also propelled interest in the album as well. A re-issue of “Beautiful In My Eyes” followed in July, this time reaching No.37, while only three months later, Joshua was releasing “Take It On Faith”, the first single to come from his second album, “Delilah Blue”. Neither the single nor the album followed his first, both failing to chart anywhere. The title track was released in 1996, before this brief chapter was closed.

Taking a change of direction, Joshua wrote and published 17 Ways To Eat A Mango: A Discovered Journal Of Life On An Island Of Miracles, in 1998, accompanied by a five-track EP, “Saturday Night In Storyville”. Joshua signed with EMI Records in 2000 and released his next album, “Vanishing America”, the following year, together with the single, “Carolina’s Eyes”. Once again, little interest was paid. A best of, “The Essential Joshua Kadison”, was released in 2006, while he offered new music in 2008 with his ‘comeback’ EP, “Return Of The Dragonfly”. Since then, Joshua has been very quiet although he broke silence in June 2020, when he posted a video on YouTube as a tribute to Black Lives Matter.

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