Marty and Kim Wilde

NEWS: Marty and Kim Wilde Record First Ever Duet Together!

50’s icon and 80’s pop queen father and daughter record together for the first time!

Global rock’n’roll icon Marty Wilde has released his first ever official single-duet with his Brit Award winning daughter, Kim and announces his new 15-track album of fresh material, sprinkled with some musical memories, which features Roxanne Rizzo Wilde on vocals; plus a sell-out 50 date live tour for 2021! Step back to the ‘60s when mini-skirts, beehives and go-go boots were seen parading down Carnaby Street; lava lamps and Barbie dolls were flooding our homes; flower-power ruled and man landed on the moon; whilst pirate radio waves rocked with the vibrant new sound of the UK’s godfather of rock’n’roll Marty.

A time when Marty was newly married and he was enjoying the birth of his children, Kim and Ricky. The ‘60s swung like never before. Now, exactly 60 years on, our invincible rock‘n’roll national treasure, Marty, celebrates the ‘60s with his stunning new single, “60’s World”, released on 2nd October – his first duet with Kim to be officially released as a single; a poignant decision from Marty as Kim marks her 60th birthday this year. The track is taken from, and released alongside, Marty’s historic new album, “Running Together”, a 15-track musical journey through the past EIGHT decades of Marty’s life, with a stunning collection of new songs for a contemporary decade, and a few memories from the past.

Melodically infused with inspiration from those iconic days of the Beach Boys, Motown and the classic Rock‘n’Roll vibe that Marty brought to the UK, “60’s World” is a vibrant, catchy slice of the decade. As the ‘60s celebrates its 60th birthday this year, Marty wrote “60’s World” as a personal celebration to his teenage sweetheart, Joyce, whom he married 60 years ago. With their first bundle of joy, Kim, also born 60 years ago this year, Marty naturally chose ‘now’ as a time for father and daughter to officially duet together. As an era that saw Marty notch-up more chart hits than any other decade, it’s a time that he celebrates musically, personally and professionally, so he melodically shrink-wrapped 1960 into a 3min slice of pop, with his unparalleled lyrical, instrumental and production genius.

Opening the vaults to their own personal family photo album of the 1960s, father and daughter wow fans as they star together in the track’s video, which cascades with images of the young family from those early days. “60’s World’ is my way of celebrating Joyce, the woman that I’ve loved, and whose been the rock of our family, for 60 years. It’s 60 years since the start of the decade, 60 years that we’ve been married and 60 years since our gorgeous Kim was born. Every day of my life has been special with Joyce and the family, and I wanted to go back to 1960, where it all began. And what better way to celebrate than by bringing back the sound of the 60’s, but with a modern twist” smiles Marty. “And having Kim duetting alongside me, as she heads towards her big birthday, was the cherry on the cake”.

“60’s World” is taken from Marty’s forthcoming album, “Running Together”, released 2nd October. The 15-track collection is an epic eclectic musical story-book of fresh songs for the new decade, sprinkled with some poignant tracks from the past. Joining forces once again with The Wildcats, the album features Marty’s two daughters, Roxanne Rizzo-Wilde and Kim. Plus, three tracks were co-written with son, Ricky Wilde, with whom Marty co-wrote many of Kim’s hits. A vibrant contemporary collection of songs, the album showcases the outstanding song-writing aptitude of this musical icon. “It’s the album I’ve always wanted to write” explains Marty, “It’s a collection of brand new studio recordings, with a few of my personal favourite songs from the past woven in there too, to depict my journey over the decades; it’s a musical slice of history. I recorded this album with my youngest daughter Roxanne, as I wanted her to perform the songs that needed that special woman’s touch, and were written especially for her”.

“Running Together” is an epic album of diverse proportions. Thought you knew Marty Wilde? Well, dive into “Running Together” and discover the incredible lyrical craftmanship that’s been the stalwart of our nation’s chart history since the 1960s. Released hand-in-hand with the poignant duet with Kim Wilde, “60’s World”, this new work from Marty Wilde is an absolute treat, not just for Marty fans, but for anyone who loves music.

Stay in touch with Marty through his WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page and also Kim at her WEBSITE and her FACEBOOK page

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