Jordan Bakewell

FRESH: ‘Get Funky’ EP – Jordan Bakewell

Dig Jordan Bakewell’s “Get Funky” EP!

Jordan Bakewell is an English singer/songwriter/dancer from Leicester. Growing up as a child he was surrounded by soul/funk/r&b/pop which then inspired him to train in Musical Theatre/Dance at the age of 15. Since graduating in 2017 with a degree in Musical Theatre he then went on to work professionally in the performing arts industry and only now he has just started to launch his music career at the age of 25.

Since releasing his first single in May, “No Sleep ‘Til The Morning”, Jordan has featured on BBC Radio Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Radio Play Today (Los Angeles, CA). Jordan now goes for broke and releases his first full EP on itunes, title “Get Funky”. The EP was recorded in his own home and was remastered by a music producer called Robin Wesley who lives In The Netherlands.

Jordan tells us: “I would definitely say that the lockdown period has really gave me the time to write and produce the music I want too. It has enabled me to write new music and also gave me the time to perfect every track on the EP”. “Get Funky” is a great 70’s/80s throwback dance/pop track that will lift your spirits and get people smiling! The title track of the EP was also named ‘Track of the Week’ by Dean Jackson and the Beat Team. After working professionally with Cruise lines/UK theatres tour’s, he now feels it is the right time to pursue and push his music career.

Jordan tells us his main influences include Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber and his own personal destiny…well, I’ll let Jordan tell you about that: “Believe in your heart, in you soul and mind, you can write your own future just stop being blind…believe in your heart and the rest will follow, just look deep within your deepest sorrow, use it to motivate and you will see, but most importantly…Always Believe”.

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