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FRESH: ‘Bouncing Down The Road’ – The Herron Brothers

The Herron Brothers go “Bouncing Down The Road”!

Those Herron Brothers are back for 2020! Following on from their debut album in 2018, “The Last Ones Left”, and last Autumn’s “The Next Ones” EP, “Bouncing Down The Road” is the first to be taken from the duo’s new album, scheduled for October release. The brothers tell us “Like the rest of the country, we’ve been doing a lot of our work remotely from each other, as we’ve been locked down in separate parts of the city, so lots of video calling and cloud file sharing”.

On the breadline, Old (for pop) unable to tour, and facing an uncertain future, the boys have an interesting take on how they feel about their current challenges…“The plan was that at this point we’d be sat with our feet up as an entire management team updated us on the latest figures coming in” says Paul, “but confusingly that hasn’t happened”. Steven offers an explanation, “I think it may have something to do with the £5 budget we had for promotion last year, so, for now, we’re still, ‘flying under the radar’ you might say”.

The wall is green in the Lads’ flat. The landlord is not happy!

Rather than list all the hats the boys are currently wearing, it’s easier to mention the one thing they haven’t been responsible for this time around. Steven explains, “We’ve collaborated with an amazing artist from Catalonia called Arvon Wellen, for all the stuff we’re releasing this year. So far we’ve been a monochrome kind of act visually, but now it’s time to let the technicolour of pop music flow!” he laughs, trying to understand what he has just said.

A smiley addition to a revered lineage of danceable UK Indie music (think Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, at their most poppy) ‘colourful’ is an apt description of the new single. “It’s got a great, dare I say it, ‘bouncy’ groove” says Paul, “but lyric/message wise, it’s purposefully vague. So, you know, it’s perfect for these times of clarity we’re living in! Whatever is ‘Bouncing Down The Road’ could wipe us out or sort us out, it’s up to the listener I guess”.

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