FRESH: ‘Pure And Bare’ – Dunne

Dunne lays it “Pure And Bare”

Back and sounding more inspired than ever before, singer/songwriter Dunne returns to the spotlight in 2020 with a spectacular brand-new single called “Pure And Bare”. Drawing on his years of experience in the industry and his remarkable ability to create crossover sound that appeals to a massive audience, Dunne isn’t just coming back to the scene this year, he’s set to completely take it over!

Blending immaculate and bold trip-hop vibes with emotionally expressive and colorful pop/electro hooks, “Pure And Bare” sparkles and shines with stellar sound from the lefts to rights. Ecstaticto combat the disarray of the pandemic era with a single that keeps the emphasis on love and the burning desire for togetherness, “Pure And Bare” is fully designed to entertain through a radiant array of bold, colourful and powerfully dynamic ideas that put true charm and charisma straight into the spotlight.

An endlessly passionate song from start to finish, Dunne sings with pure soul, delivering his remarkable pop-inspired vocals amidst the insatiably uplifting vibes of “Pure And Bare” with perfect tone, energy and the X-factor beaming from his every word. Making the absolute most of each moment and maximizing the potential in his songwriting through stunning attention to detail from the music to the microphone, Dunne’s put in an award-worthy performance and created an unforgettable, all-out sensory experience on “Pure And Bare” revealing a master’s grip on style/sound that is undeniably 100% ahead of the rest.

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