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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Crystal Waters

This is an easy one…”la da de la la, la da de la la etc.” Yes, it’s Crystal Waters! 100%!

Crystal Waters (that is her real name!) was born in Deptford, NJ in 1962 and shot to fame with her debut single “Gypsy Woman” in 1991. She built a reputation during the 90’s as one of the biggest and most successful dance artists about and, on a few occasions in the 00’s, Crystal has turned up and enjoyed major success around the world. Crystal was born into music. Her father was Junior Waters, a jazz musician and her grandmother, Ethel Waters, was one of the first black American singers to appear in Hollywood musicals. Crystal actually spend her education in computer studies and gained work experience in recording studios as a technician. There she found her true passion. Music. Very soon, the studio, Mercury, signed her as an artist.


She had already written two songs, “Gypsy Woman” and “Makin’ Happy”. The studio introduced her the producers The Basement Boys and both songs were recorded straight away. “Gypsy Woman” was selected for the first release in April 1991 and the song became an instant smash, making the top ten in over twenty countries globally, including topping the US dance chart and No.8 on the singles chart. With “Makin’ Happy” already written, the song was released as the follow up in the Summer of 1991, following “Gypsy Woman” to the top of the dance chart and making the top twenty in the UK and France. Crystal’s debut album, “Surprise”, was released soon after, although this was only a minor hit, Crystal has certainly established herself as a singles chart, dance chart and club artist.


The title track of the album was released as well as a “Crystal Megamix”, before Crystal disappeared for a couple of years, resurfacing at the beginning of 1994 with her second album, “Storyteller”. The lead single, “100% Pure Love“, put her back at the top of the US dance chart and No.11 in the singles chart as well as a No.15 position in the UK and a No.2 smash in Australia. “Storyteller” confirmed Crystal place as an individual songs artist with minor chart success. The singles “Ghetto Day” and “Relax” were top 40 charting in the UK, while these and “What I Need” gave Crystal a clear, unbroken run of Dance chart toppers all from the same album. The following year (1996), Crystal teamed up with producer David Morales for the song “In De Ghetto”, which reached No.35 in the UK.

Crystal’s self-titled third album came in 1997 and featured the singles “Say…If You Feel Alright” and “Just A Freak”. She returned to the top of the US dance chart in 2001 with “Come On Down” and ever since, has generally released one-off singles instead of albums. The number one’s continued with “My Time” in 2003, while Crystal took the international clubs and charts by storm in 2006 with “Destination Calabria”, giving her her first UK top ten hit since “Gypsy Woman”. The song made No.8 on the US dance chart. Since then, she has usually made guest appearances on various producers and artists songs, gaining her eighth US dance chart number one in 2013 with Chris Cox on the track “Oh Mama Hey”. Four more have followed in 2015, 16, 17 and 2018 with dance act Sted-E & Hybrid Heights.

A number two hit came in 2019 with “United In Dance” while 2020 brought “Party People” with DJ and producer DJ Spen (US No.20) as well as 2009, 2010 and 2013 remixes of her best known and signature tune. Now, how does it go again…?(!)

Crystal Waters 2020

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