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COVER vs ORIGINAL: ‘Touch Me (All Night Long)’

The song, “Touch Me (All Night Long)”, was originally recorded by Fonda Rae in 1984

“Touch Me (All Night Long)” was written by Patrick Adams and Greg Carmichael and recorded by US singer Fonda Rae (D.O.B. unknown) in 1984. Fonda had achieved small success in 1982 with her debut, “Over Like A Fat Rat” and its 1983 follow up, “Heobah”. “Touch Me (All Night Long)” was her third single released the following year and was featured on the soundtrack of the film ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge’. Despite that, it was not a great success, making No.5 on the Dance Club chart. Although it did break the UK singles chart, reaching No.49.

Six years later, Britain’s Cathy Dennis (b.1969) recorded the song for her debut album, “Move To This”. Working with producer Phil Bodger, they kept the chorus and threw the rest out, making “Touch Me (All Night Long)” virtually a brand new song. Madonna’s producer Shep Pettibone gave it a kicking bassline and it was released in January 1991 topping the US dance chart and making No.2 on the singles chart. Internationally it was a big success, reaching the top ten in Canada and all across Europe including a No.5 placing in her home country.

But which version of the song is the best? FONDA’s original or CATHY’s reworking?

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