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FRESH: ‘Promises’ EP – Edith

Edith releases her “Promises” EP

London-based exciting songstress, Edith, premieres a slice of lushly modern pop. Her debut, self-titled EP was released back in March, bringing out an edgier side of the singer. She says that all her songs come from a great story, sometimes extremely painful, however, it is her favourite thing in the world to put those feelings on paper. Edith is now working on an album, highly influenced by dance and pop music. She is hoping to be able to promote her music at as many venues as possible, and right now she is working on gigging all over the country.

Edith moved from Romania to England at age 10 to persuade her music career. She is now moving on to the second chapter of her career, a second EP. The new music brings out a different side of Edith, more matured, heartbreak ballads which we can definitely see ourselves rolling the windows down in the car listening to them. “Promises” is the next generation of pop. Edith is only 21, with huge plans ahead of her.

Edith took time out recently to talk to us about the songs on this new EP.

I Kinda Liked You

“I wrote this song as a way to make myself feel better about a person who took all the power I had away from me. The kind of boy who thinks the world revolves around him and all girls are madly in love with him?! Yes, that one! Suddenly I thought to myself “Wait a minute I don’t like you as much as you think I do, I won’t always be here despite of how you treat me”. So the song was born based on that idea, based on anger and feeling inferior. I gave myself the power back, and said basically you are lucky that I even liked you in the slightest. Personally, I hope people relate to the idea, especially I see so many girls and boys being mistreated in relationships. They don’t have to stay, give yourself a break”.

No Matter What You Do

“Ahhh, this was my favourite song for a while, the first one I wrote after my self- titled EP was released. I wrote it on piano, and I remember a certain someone called me a “cold bitch”. In fact, many people have that idea of me, which is totally not true. I come across cold but I am actually the biggest wet wipe ahaha. I was so fed up with people thinking that I am in the wrong and that no matter what someone does to me for sure it was my fault. For a while I was in a relationship that wasn’t right, in a way, begging to be loved. Eventually, I found the power to leave it behind, and this is exactly what I would say to this person or anyone who portrays me as being cold”.

Never Stay Too Long

“If there was a revenge song, this would be it. This is the song I wrote when I felt anger and betrayal. I remember sitting in front of my piano thinking “If I were to say something to this specific person, what would it be?”. ‘Never Stay Too Long’ is being past the breakup, being past their tantrums and their superiority. Still to this day, every time I listen to it I remember why I left this relationship and why I would never go back, because people like me never stay too long”.

Sad Girls Make Bad Boys Cry

“I got the idea for the title while I was lying in bed making a playlist. I was like what would I call this playlist, and then I thought “Ah, Sad Girls Make Bad Boys Cry, right?”. Being sad, expressing your feelings, missing someone, being the one who lost in the relationship, doesn’t mean your powerless. Everyone portrays sadness as weakness, but it is not. I wanted this song to sound like a summer day, a ride down Beverly Hills in a convertible. I really needed that summer feeling, that summer freedom, a summer heartbreak anthem”.

No Promises No Pain

“Writing this song was a huge relief, I was at a point in my life where I didn’t understand myself or why I still tried to be with a certain someone, even though I saw all the signs. I think that what hurts us more than betrayal, is the promise they made in the first place. We kind of sit there thinking “But they said it was just us two forever”, and we get attached to that promise, to those words. Words mean nothing, they are the biggest way of manipulation. ‘No Promises No Pain’ was me telling myself I needed to stop trusting people’s words, because without the promise there would be no pain”.

This is Edith’s second EP which she has poured out her heart into each new recording. Edith adds: “I have written about heartbreak, post heartbreak, my personal worries and lastly included the voice memos I originally recorder when writing each of the songs. I am extremely happy about this as it will give people an insight to my personal life and how I write these songs. Most of the sound completely different at the start, even with different lyrics”.

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