FRESH: ‘Bad Guy’ – Maia

Maia meets a “Bad Guy”

MAIA started to sing before she started to speak. At the age of nine she began her music-training journey and was introduced to Jazz vocal techniques. In 2009 MAIA and her family moved to the idyllic Croatian Elafiti Island of ‘Sipan’. During her five years in Croatia she trained in Classical Vocals at the accredited School of Music in Dubrovnik. She also gigged at local hotspots where she gained confidence and discovered her talent and love for jazz inspired singing.

In 2013 she moved back to London to study contemporary music and started experimenting with her sound, fusing elements of jazz and soul with influences stretching back to her childhood: World music, electronica and 90s trip hop. Blending this with her smooth rich vocal, she channels the trip-hop energy of Hooverphonic, the glitchy vibe of Portishead and slow entrancing beats of Tricky. In 2017, MAIA was invited to sing on the title track of award-winning British independent film ‘Provenance’, released in July 2020. She was also scouted to compete in season 2 of the BBC show All Together Now which aired in March 2019. MAIA is now focusing on writing her first EP and is looking forward to future releases in 2021.

MAIA began writing her new single, “Bad Guy”, a few years ago. Loosely based on a breakup, she found herself having to take responsibility for ending the relationship. ‘Bad Guy’ is about the role one person invariably has to play in such situations. “I feel many women find themselves in a situation where they are left to make the difficult decisions” Maia tells us. “The song is about taking ownership of those situations and being strong enough to play the part of the ‘Bad Guy’. I want listeners to feel empowered, to be reassured that being the ‘Bad Guy’ can be a positive statement of both resilience and inner strength”.

The track is heavily influenced by 90s Trip-Hop, with the glitchy feel of Portishead and haunting vocals of Massive Attack. The slow grooving bass, and highly altered Bulgarian choir samples emit a haunting presence within the track. MAIA’s vocal influences range from Amy Winehouse to Bjork, and her deep vocal is equally jazzy and hypnotic. “Bad Guy” was an international project. MAIA first collaborated with Brazil based producer Luis Calil. She then asked Belgium based Frederik Dejongh to master the track as she felt he really understood the sound and vibe that she wanted for “Bad Guy”.

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