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FRESH: ‘Dear Mr. Producer’ – Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn writes “Dear Mr. Producer”…

With her new release, “Dear Mr. Producer”, Estella Dawn is quickly moving towards creating a definitive body of work, culminating with her first full length album (due out at the end of this year). “Dear Mr. Producer” encapsulates the strength and diversity that Estella brings to her musical creations.

The arrangement moves effortlessly from a toy piano intro to a full band verse and slips back to a simple piano driven chorus, propelling the song forward to a full on immersive ending. Throughout dynamic changes Estella’s vocals are never lost and become intimate and present when the arrangement is stripped back then commanding and powerful as the intensity builds.

Estella is a songwriter, singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who relocated from New Zealand 4 years ago to fully focus on her career. In her first year she delivered a self produced EP, “Dancing Girls”, and followed that with another EIGHT singles by the end of 2019. Having decided to focus on a 14+ song album that has a common narrative, she has been releasing singles from the album as they have been completed since the beginning of 2020.

The hard work is paying off and Estella’s global audience is growing solidly. Her single “I Dare You” is working its way up the US radio top 100 charts, currently at No.56 in its fourth week. Her Spotify monthly audience is 21.6k and growing. So far so good. From the Neo-Soul vibes of “Cadmium Yellow” (released in January), the “burn the town down” dynamics of “Hallow” to the attitude heavy anthemic rock of “I Dare You”, Estella has been flat out. Not that the last two plus years weren’t productive.

Estella has been constantly working. These are well crafted songs with multiple layers, both vocally and musically. The story starts with Estella singing original songs from the booster seat in the back of her parents car growing up in New Zealand (true, ask her mother). From a young age she glides into songwriting, piano, guitar, music production and recording (piano under the watchful eye of a fierce octogenarian!).

So, really Estella has been a musician all her life, whether it has been for personal entertainment or crisis management she has music in her; her head, her hands, her heart. Now there is a richness and depth in her voice that has comes from years of hard work and constant singing. Estella fuses her powerhouse vocals, story like arrangements and diversity of style into music that is unique, honest and intimate.

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