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FRESH: ‘Heart Of Mine’ – Dan Quinn feat. Oxygene

Dan Quinn records about this “Heart Of Mine”

UK singer Dan Quinn made his debut earlier this year with “J+K” and has been very busy, as he has just released his fourth track, “Heart Of Mine”, a tale of heartbreak, but dramatised over the top heartbreak. Dan tells us that “It’s almost written with hypersincerity in that the feelings are true but are amplified in the song”. “Heart Of Mine” is a joint collaboration with producer Oxygene, who Dan met online, based in Serbia!

Dan explains how it all came about: “Right this actually is interesting. So, I was reached out to by the producer Oxygene to work with him on synthpop projects. He lives in serbia so all the production and recording was done remotely. Him producing in serbia, me recording in the UK. Was an interesting process and yielded yummy results. I had originally self-produced a very basic version of this song that was very very rough, so we re-recorded it and remade it into a slapping song”.

Dan started writing poetry as a child, they were almost raps, that naturally developed into him writing songs and, as Dan says, “I’ve always loved singing”. Dan is a huge fan of the pop girlies, like Charli XCX, Lana, Carly rae Jepsen. He adds: “If a woman is singing and its in the pop genre I’ve probably listened and loved them at some point”. Would Dan like to work with the ‘pop girlies’? Well, he tells us “I want to write songs for the major pop girls”. We wish you well!

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