SPOTLIGHT: Ninetysix

Nothing Short Of 100 In Our Eyes!

Creative. Visual. Artist.

Ninetysix aka Simone Peschel is an all-round creative, visual and musical. A 24-year old DIY artist who does everything herself, from writing songs, to producing, creating and designing her own merchandise.

Not to forget directing and editing her own music videos!

Where does she find the time?

Ninetysix started back in 2016 in a small town in the Netherlands called Nootdorp.

Her big dreams soon surpassed the small town, so she took Ninetysix to the other side of the planet and busked her way around the East coast of Australia.

The latest song ‘Moodswinging’ is a loving pep talk to keep you motivated even when things are hard.

It brings you a light hearted approach to being unstable and to assure you it’s okay that your emotions are going all over the spectrum, you won’t succeed without failure, you are human.

And you’re nailing it.

Keep going!

I want my new album to conquer the heart of planet earth.


Awesome girl – please tell us your story…

Ninetysix recently told us more about the story behind her and her music.

We love hearing the background to the songs we include on our playlists from the artist’s perspective.

Have a listen to Ninetysix’s ‘Playlist Story‘ and if you would like to know more about other artist’s stories then you can watch them here.

“I want to travel the world in a van collecting the world’s wealth and distributing it evenly”


Take a look at this. If this is the first live concert then once travel is a thing again I’m sure the fans will be queuing up!


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