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FRESH: ‘Stay’ – Natalie Duque

Natalie Duque releases “Stay”

LA based singer and songwriter Natalie Duque has just released her new single “Stay”. An evocative ballad, the song is led by her expressive vocals and accompanied by a piano along with minimalist arrangement. The song about losing someone too quickly and unexpectedly, Natalie wrote “Stay” the week after NBA star Kobe Bryant passed away. The tragic death of the athlete along with his daughter inspired the song, with Natalie thinking about Bryant’s wife and what she must have gone through, not knowing about the tragedy that was going to occur that day.

This mirrored Natalie’s own experience of her grandfather going for a minor procedure at the hospital only to unexpectedly die of a heart attack. “Stay” is about that grief and all the small moments one should never take for granted. The song opens with Natalie’s vocals laid bare with just a piano accompaniment rising to a powerful chorus which accepts the loss, any loss, with the line “no, you couldn’t stay”. The song closes as poignantly as it arrived, having dealt with the grief, but not forgetting the memory of the one who has gone. That is something that will stay on and live on forever more.

Natalie made her debut in 2012 with her EP “Show And Tell”, followed later that same year with another EP, “Shine Your Light”. Natalie look time and care before returning in 2018 with her third EP, “Brave Is Beautiful” while “Stay” is her second release of 2020, following this Spring’s “Rise”, another piano ballad that could well serve as a call-to-arms with the global pandemic. “We’re all in this together”, but as Natalie observes, “somehow we’ll rise”. And by joining together, observing restrictions we can rise from the burning house. Only great music and great songs will get us there and that is something Natalie Duque offers wholeheartedly.

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