FRESH: ‘Fond’ – Nodisco

Nodisco is, “Fond”!

Nodisco is the creation of Chris Toufexis and started releasing music in 2019. His new single, “Fond”, is his fourth so far this year and embraces Chris’ love of all things 90’s, from Dawson’s Creek to the music of Babyface, who was selected to take part in a week long, exclusive songwriting camp in Toronto in 2018. Nodisco was born. His first effort was a ‘mixtape’ entitled “Who Knew I’d Write Songs About You?”, a 9 song concept record that details a relationship from the beginning to the end in chronological order.

Playing as a love letter, sprinkled with little soundbites of the past, which makes “Who Knew I’d Write Songs About You?” feel like a found artifact that the listener stumbled upon, which they must unravel themselves. From that, eventually came Nodisco’s debut release, “Thoughts From Your Car”. Since then, Chris has blessed us with the superb electro-retro “Moonlight In My Bedroom”, the funky guitar-laden “Luv U Early” and the trippy “Unrelated”.

“Fond” is an easy-on-the-ear atmospheric number, mid-tempo indy-sophisti pop with lush production and buoyant lyrics about “loving you isn’t hard to do”. In Nodisco’s own words, he is “writing songs about somebody. Who that is, we are not quite sure yet”. Hopefull he will find someone to be ‘fond’ of sometime as, with many more singles planned to unravel the story before the full release, Nodisco plans on making 2020/2021 the years that everyone finally finds out what happened…

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