They say they’re mellifluous.

Introspective. Pop. Crunchy. Smooth.

Jonny met a chap called Danny Monk in a cinema bar in Soho a couple of years ago.

He was standing there with very good hair and aura and they clicked.

Fairly shortly after that, they were putting music together in a studio.  

The name of the band comes from ‘Montrell Road’ where Danny used to live in Brixton.

With the video for their latest song ‘Aqua’ they wanted to steer away from performance-based videos, going for amore narrative approach.

Taking inspiration from the French New Wave of the 60’s
and 70’s, the film tells the story of infidelity and betrayal in a whimsical yet dark way.

We created a retro feel with vintage costume and production design, while also shooting parts in an underwater tank. We shot the promo just before the lockdown so editing and grading was an interesting process carried out remotely!’

Boyter and Pope

Curious to hear what’s next

Bitter Sweet Symphonies

Guys, tell us a couple of stories about your songs?

Jonny really enjoys playing ‘Aqua’ with the guys, because it sort of calms him down onstage but he also reckons ‘Don’t Stop Me Baby’ must have pissed off his neighbours when he was writing it, “they could probably hear the frustration in my voice I think, haha.”

There’s something good about this.

Indie Shuffle

Alex likes going a bit ‘savage’ as he puts it at the end of Aeroplane’. You can really feel that in the live show.


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